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The Golden Touch – Portsmouth People, the magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth, has won gold for the best church magazine at this year’s ACE awards.

ACE, the international Association for Church Editors, offers annual awards for the design and content of church magazines. Criteria address such issues as layout and design, creativity, graphics, production, clarity of the Christian message and appeal to wider audiences.

This is the first time that Portsmouth People – from the Catholic diocese for Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, the Channel Isles and parts of Berkshire, Dorset and Oxfordshire – has entered the competition.

Commenting on the magazine’s success, Editor Jay Kettle-Williams, said:

I am absolutely delighted that PP has achieved gold, such an honour, the BAFTA of the world of church editors, in recognition of the work and dedication of all those heroes who have been supporting the publication over the years and on whom I have come to rely so heavily for maintaining the magazine’s high standards. Thank you.

The gold award includes a framed certificate, a desk-top trophy and a book token.  It also entitles the winner to hold for one year the John King Trophy, an antique solid silver scallop shell, the scallop shell being a Christian symbol of dedication and pilgrimage.

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